Growers - USA

A vegetable seed grower must be diligent for all cultural practices throughout the entire production season from planting to harvest.  Punctuality at all stages of production is a requirement to ensure that the seed is planted on time; that weed control is applied at the correct plant growth stage to prevent damage to the seed plant and to control the weed; insect and disease control is applied before serious damage has occurred; and harvest is conducted to maximize yield but at the same time maximize quality.

A vegetable seed grower understands the inputs that are required to produce a good crop, and is capable of making decisions based on analyzing the ROI (Return On Investment) for all cultural practices necessary to produce a product that is both high in quality (germination and purity) and maximum yield.

To ensure crops have the necessary quality to meet contract standards, the grower needs to have the proper machinery to plant, cultivate, spray, harvest, transport, and in some situations dry the crop to a storable moisture percentage.

A Vikima grower will work side by side with the Vikima Production Representative in all aspects of the seed production to ensure the best possible product is produced to satisfy both the grower and the client.